Travel back in time to the Gold Rush with this series of online puzzle challenges! Complete the free puzzles by September 30 to hit the motherload.

If you love escape rooms, you'll love this gold rush-themed online challenge. Ten Colorado escape rooms came together at the beginning of the summer to offer a free puzzle hunt. Completing the Colorado Puzzle Challenge leads to a golden prize: discounts at participating escape rooms valuing more than $300.

Each escape room designed their own puzzle housed on their websites. One puzzle uses Google Maps to take you on a 3D tour, while others incorporate audio and video to add to the challenge and teach you a bit of history. Pan for gold, guide a minecart across rickety tracks, and learn about the mid-1800s Colorado gold rush.

Courtesy EscapeWorks Denver (Facebook)

You can only access the puzzles by finding and clicking on a golden pan icon on each website. Every puzzle ranges in the level of difficulty, and the time to crack the case varies. When you complete each puzzle, you'll receive a secret message to enter on the Colorado Puzzle Challenge solution page. If you can solve the final puzzle, you'll strike it rich in discounts for your next escape room visit.

Get your puzzling on, because the challenge is only available until September 30. Take the Colorado Puzzle Challenge and learn more about it here

The 10 participating escape rooms are: 

  • Puzzah!
  • EscapeWorks Denver
  • Rabbit Hole Recreation Services
  • Conundrum Escape Rooms Durango
  • The Crooked Key Live Escape Games
  • Epic Escape Game
  • Ruse Escape Room
  • Locked in Escapes
  • Golden Puzzle Room
  • Conundrum Escape Rooms Lakewood

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