Who needs a killer hangover on a Monday? Forget a Super Bowl 52 drinking game -- Check out this smoking game instead!

If you haven't heard, the Pats and Eagles are going head to head during Super Bowl 52. Forget the typical drinking game and subsequent hangover. Try your hand at this soon-to-be official Super BOWL smoking game instead! First of all, you'll need to prepare a few materials before the Big Game starts -- a few joints/rolling papers, bowls, a bong, a dab rig/concentrates, a bunch of flower, friends, tons of food (duh), water (hydration is key, cotton mouth is real), and DEFINITELY a ride home.
First, we'll start with the basics:
  • Take a hit of your choice every time you hear mention of ...
    • "28-3"
    • "Underdog"
    • "Deflate-gate"
    • Intense or "passionate" Philly fans
    • The XFL or Vince McMahon
    • Mispronouncing Jay Ajayi's name
    • "Gronk"
  • Take a hit of your choice every time you see ...
    • The camera shows a celebrity (two hits if they show Mark Wahlberg)
    • An Eagles fan in full paint/Eagles garb
    • An Eagles fan freaking out
    • A Pats fan freaking out
    • A freezing cold shirtless fan regretting their lives
    • Roll a new joint for each turnover
    • Reverse rotation for an incorrectly challenged call
    • Reverse rotation for any fumble
Now for the more complicated stuff:
  • Hit the bowl and ghost it when you hear or see a "Dilly Dilly" and attempt to hold until the phrase is repeated or the commercial is over.
  • Puff-puff-pass a joint during Half-Time -- the first person to hold on to it must pack the next three bowls.
  • Load a freshie when your team of choice scores a touchdown. (If you're with a group of people, opposing fans must pack the new bowl, but not smoke it because their team did not score and therefore has nothing to celebrate.)
  • Hit the bong every time NBC shows footage of Super Bowl 39 (Eagles v. Pats).
  • Take a dab if Pink's national anthem goes over 2:00 minutes
  • Take a HUGE dab if there is another wardrobe malfunction during the Half-Time Show.
REWARD: Whichever person's team wins gets to take home the remaining weed!! If there are multiple fans of one team, they can split the pot (pun totally intended)! **While drinking and smoking games are fun and all, we would DEFINITELY like to note that you should all be responsible while consuming these kinds of substances. Make sure you have an Uber/Lyft ride home, or a comfy space to crash out. If you feel you're getting too high (because we all know that does happen), stop smoking :) or at the very least continue to think happy thoughts and, of course, keep TONS of munchies on hand.** Have any fun games you play during the Super Bowl? Tell us in the comments below!

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