Soak, soothe, and swim your cares away this winter in mineral water heaven.

Winter is a perfect time to don your bathing suit and hit an outdoor pool of water ... that is if that water is one of the over 20 hot springs throughout Colorado. Soothe those tired muscles after a day on the slopes, or submerge yourself in wonderful warmth as snowflakes fall all around you. No matter where you are in the state, a hot spring isn't too far away. Some are open to anyone and some are just for guests of the resort, some are indoor and some are outdoor, so check out our list and find the one meets your needs!

*Please check-in with each of the following hot springs listed to see COVID-19 updates and guidelines prior to planning your trip.*

Antero Hot Springs Cabins, Nathrop

Each accommodation has a hand-shaped, private hot spring pool located just outside the door. The soaking pools are fed by a hot spring on the property and are rich in minerals but low in sulfur, so it has no odor. Open to renters only.

Avalanche Ranch Cabins and Hot Springs, Redstone

Designed to blend in with the area landscape, this location features three Colorado hot springs pools in a tiered layout. Enjoy an outdoor hot mineral bath year-round, day and night. Lodging is available.

Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs, Ouray

To enjoy the four redwood hot tubs filled with geothermal waters terraced on the mountainside, you will have to also stay at the lodge. This is a sulfur-free springs that is open to guests only and is originally part of a sanitarium that harnessed the healing waters for therapy in the 1920s. 

Creekside Hot Springs Cabin, Buena Vista

If you want a little privacy with your hot springs experience, this is the place to check out. You can rent the three-bedroom, two-bath cabin at the base of Mt. Princeton. With the rental comes a private hot springs soaking pool, drawing from artesian mineral water well fed by the Mt. Princeton geothermal aquifer with temps ranging up to 108 degrees. 

Cottonwood Hot Springs, Buena Vista

Near Monarch Ski Resort and Ski Cooper, there are several gravity-fed mineral pools to enjoy, ranging from 80 to 104 degrees on average. This hot springs and inn is truly a place to get away from it all, as nowhere on the property (including the lodging) will you find televisions, telephones, or WiFi. What it does offer is comfortable, clean lodging, books galore, and plenty of time to soak in the peace and quiet of nature. 

Desert Reef Hot Spring, Florence

A clothing-optional, family-oriented hot spring in the Royal Gorge country, the water was first discovered via drilling in the 1940s. During winter months water temperature is maintained over 100 degrees. The blue hue of the water is directly connected to the mineral Travertine.

Dunton Hot Springs, Dunton

These springs are of the calcium bicarbonate type with a strong concentration of dissolved iron and manganese and a little dash of lithium, creating a seriously relaxing experience. There are six different ways to take the water, which offers temperatures from 85-106 degrees Fahrenheit. The springs are accessible to guests of the lodging only. 

Dunton Hot Springs

Courtesy of Dunton Hot Springs

Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa, Durango

Just north of Durango, the Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa revitalized the mineral pools of the once-grand Hermosa House lodge. The natural healing mineral waters of the modern springs are a great way to spend an evening after a day skiing the slopes of nearby Purgatory. 

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Springs

For over 130 years, guests have enjoyed the soothing mineral waters of the world’s largest hot springs pool. The water contains 15 minerals and can be enjoyed year-round. Lodging is also available. 

Healing Waters Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs 

Welcoming guests since 1950, you can take a dip in undiluted mineral water in year-round pools. There are a large outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub and men's and women's indoor hot baths available. You can either stay at the resort or purchase a day pass. 

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa, Hot Sulphur Springs

The mineral water at this resort was blessed by a Ute tribal spiritual leader, and now you can enjoy its relaxing benefits. Over 200,000 gallons of mineral-rich water flows through the resort's 21 pools, ranging from 95-112 degrees Fahrenheit. Lodging is available.

Indian Springs Resort, Idaho Springs

Only 30 miles west of Denver is a mineral water soaking pool surrounded by tropical foliage to complete the mood. You can also check out the outdoor jacuzzis, indoor private baths, the geothermal caves with walk-in hot tubs, and slather yourself in a mineral-rich clay mask.

Indian Springs Spa

Courtesy of Indian Springs Resort

Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs

Enjoy a therapeutic, warm soak surrounded by mountain views. This location offers 16 natural mineral hot springs soaking pools, ranging from 99-108 degrees Fahrenheit, a freshwater family pool, and a jetted spa. 

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa, Moffat

The water here rises from the travertine springs at between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit, but the pools are maintained between 98 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is a sodium bicarbonate type with significant levels of boron, calcium, lithium, magnesium, and more. Lodging is available. 

Juniper Hot Springs, Lay

Head west from Craig about 20 miles, and you'll get a chance to experience mineral water with a composition that only two other springs in the world have. The pools range from 80 to 103 degrees, and the water contains 24 minerals for healing and relaxation. 

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort, Nathrop

The waters at these springs are 100 percent natural and odorless, and it emerges from the ground at 120 degrees. You can soak in the Historic Bath House or create your own hot springs in the natural pools of the Creekside Hot Springs. Lodging is also available. 

Old Town Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Relax and rejuvenate in the year-round, natural outdoor pools in the heart of Steamboat Springs. The Heart Spring has been offering therapeutic waters for more than 100 years. This all-natural mineral hot spring pumps out approximately 220 gallons of 102-103 degrees Fahrenheit water per minute out of the ground.

Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway

Want to go all-natural in some all-natural hot springs? Orvis Hot Springs is the answer. This clothing-optional springs offers healing soaks, fresh mountain air, and beautiful scenery. The springs are naturally loaded with lithium enhances relaxation and rejuvenation. Lodging is available. 

Courtesy of Orvis Hot Springs

Ouray Hot Springs Swimming Pool, Ouray

Enjoy a family-friendly environment in soothing and relaxing hot mineral water at this pool. There are three different soaking sections available, temperatures ranging from 88-105 degrees Fahrenheit. The pool is supplied by seven natural hot springs and was constructed in the 1920s. 

Overlook Hot Springs, Pagosa

Featuring scenic rooftop tubs and five indoor pools, you will surely find the water for you. There are also private tubs available with a reservation. 

Penny Hot Springs, Carbondale

This hot spring isn't part of a resort, but rather is a series of primitive pools on the banks of the Crystal River. They sit at the mouth of the Narrows and are easily accessed from a large parking lot off of Hwy. 133. This is a small pool, about 20 feet across and 2 feet deep, and can only fit about 10-12 people. If the parking lot is crowded, it's likely the springs are crowded, as well.

Salida Hot Springs Pool, Salida

For those who love big pools, check out this indoor Olympic-size venue filled with odor-free spring water piped in from Poncha Mountain. Hot, private baths are also available. You can even rent towels and swimsuits if you make a last-minute decision to stop by. 

Sand Dunes Swimming Pool, Hooper

Take a winter hike through the Great Sand Dunes, and then soothe your feet and your soul at the Sand Dunes Swimming Pool & RV Park. The natural hot springs was first struck in the 1930s and now you can enjoy a few different pools ranging from 98-109 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Hit the slopes and then relax in 104-degree Fahrenheit mineral water. Several pools are available to soak your bones, and lodging is also available if you choose to make a vacation of it. 

Courtesy of Strawberry Park Hot Springs

The Historic Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodgings, Ouray

Ouray really is the place to soak away your cares. The pure, unaltered, and uncirculated water at the soaking facilities at the Wiesbaden come from a continually flowing natural hot springs ranging in temperature from 102 degrees to 108 degrees. You can soak, enjoy the vapor caves, or get a room and make a vacation of it. 

The Springs Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs

You can surely soak your cares away in one of the resort's 23 soaking pools in a range of temperatures. This sulfur spring contains 12 other minerals for healing relaxation. Lodging is available. Hit up Wolf Creek Ski Area and then get warm in the springs. 

Valley View Hot Springs, Villa Grove

Operated by the non-profit Orient Land Trust, it is highly recommended you make a reservation to this clothing-optional, off-the-grid springs. There are several all-natural soaking ponds located along the trails, as well as a hot tub and sauna are heated geothermically and hydroelectrically.

Yampah Spa, Glenwood Springs 

Soak in these hot mineral waters that are high in sulfur, nitrate, zinc, potassium, and 30 other minerals. As a bonus, you can steam away your cares in the Hot Springs Vapor Caves. Reservations aren't required but are recommended. 

Yampah hot springs

Courtesy of Yampah Hot Springs (Facebook)

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