The most comprehensive exhibit of Claude Monet paintings is only making one stop in the U.S.: The Denver Art Museum. 

Prepare to bask in the glory of Monet's haystacks, water lilies, and poplars. The Denver Art Museum will host the largest collection of Claude Monet paintings seen in decades. "Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature" is scheduled to open in October of next year and will feature more than 100 paintings from the French Impressionist. According to the Denver Art Museum, the exhibit will focus on "the artist’s enduring relationship with nature and his response to the varied and distinct places in which he worked."

Event reservations and group tickets go on sale December 17, while single tickets will become available to the public at a later date. The exhibit will run from October 20, 2019, to February 2, 2020, and will not be included in general admission.

Some famous paintings will include "Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge" (1899), “The Parc Monceau” (1878), and “The Canoe on the Epte” (1890).

Claude Monet, "Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge" (1899)

“Monet’s constant quest for new motifs shows the artist’s appreciation for nature’s ever-changing and mutable character,” said Angelica Daneo, a curator at the Denver Art Museum, in a press statement. “Not only from place to place, but from moment to moment, a concept that increasingly became the focus of his art.”

What can you do while you wait? Check the exhibit's monthly blog for updates, social media challenges, and even some of Monet's favorite recipes. 

The next exhibition after Denver will be held at the Museum Barberini in spring of 2020.

What's your favorite Claude Monet painting? Let us know in the comments. 

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