Drive-ins aren't just for movies anymore.

Halloween may look a little different this year, but the 13th Floor Haunted House has risen to the challenge, and put together an experience that will take your mind off the horrors of the past few months. This year, it has produced "City of the Dead," which takes the traditional fright fest to a whole new level: part drive-in, part haunted house, and all from the comfort(?) of your car.

Open on select nights through October 31, scare-seekers who have bought reserved-time tickets will be ushered into the a "Drive-in" park, where you park and get ready for the terror (this is a parked-car attraction; just say no to driving with creatures lurking around). While there, Horror Movie Host Monte Revolta will be screening some creepy footage and short films on a 40-foot screen to get you in the Halloween mood.

"Rising from the dead is Horror Movie Host, Monte Revolta, to assume management of the theater. With the help of his Minions of the Living Dead, they will bring the latest and gravest in terrifying sights and sounds to life as they host Monte Revolta’s Monster Movie Spooktacular featuring original content as well as creepy short films," said the attraction.

But, it doesn't end there. Watch you rearview mirrors and door handles because there are things that are out and about at the drive-in, creeping around to add real-life scares to the experience. Check out the trailer below to see the coming attractions at the drive-in.

And because it is 2020, and we are still in the midst of the horrors of the pandemic, the attraction is all COVID-19 conscious. 

"The safety of our fans, performers and staff is our top priority. This experience was designed to meet all local health and safety standards and state regulations. Of course, we'll be wearing our masks, it's Halloween after all. All staff will wear protective face coverings, even under their theatrical masks. Please follow local guidelines for mask requirements in your vehicle and please pay attention to email updates as information is subject to change," said the attraction. 

Tickets are limited this year, so jump on the attraction website to try to get your reserved time slot in the books. If tickets are sold out online, they will not be available at the door. 

In addition to City of the Dead, 13th Floor Haunted House will be offering the traditional walk-through scare-fest experience, meeting COVID-19 requirements, as well.

There are three storylines to follow:

  • "Dead End District" – known for being a forgotten area filled with decay and filth. Make your way through the horrors of the living dead. 
  • "Creature Feature" – classic monsters of silver screams hallowed past have laid dormant for decades inside this abandoned theater. Watch as they rip themselves from the silver screen and wreak havoc an horror in our modern world.
  • "Deadly Reflections" – experience the horror behind the legend of Bloody Mary and the mirror with a reflection deadly enough to consume your soul.

Check out more information: Denver's 13th Floor Haunted House is Ready to Scare You. Both the City of the Dead and the 13th Floor Haunted House are located at E. 52nd Street in Denver.