Colorado Parks & Wildlife wants to help you find trails, fishing holes, and more. 

There is no doubt that Colorado's great outdoors are something to behold, whether you're a native or visiting. In all, Colorado's outdoor recreation brings in $62 billion to the state's economy, and Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) has created two new ways for you to experience all that nature has to offer and explore parks you haven't visited before. 

The department now has two free and mobile-friendly ways to get your outdoors on: Colorado Trail Explorer and the CPW Fishing app.

Courtesy of CPW. 

The Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) is a comprehensive online guide and app that covers more than 39,000 miles of trails across the state.

"Available for free, COTREX offers the most comprehensive trail map available for the state and is built atop data from over 230 trail managers," says CPW, adding that it can do so much more than just show you where a trail is located. "View trails by allowed uses on the map, browse featured routes, download offline maps, record trips and notes in the field, complete challenges to earn badges, and share your experiences with the community."

The best part of COTREX is that it will also provide information on trail use to help hikers find the trails less traveled. It also breaks areas down by non-motorized trails, motorized roads or trails, bike routes, and recreational routes. You can search for trails up to 25 miles away and find ones that allow animals, bikes, etc., (so you know if you can bring your pack llama along for a hike).

CPW relates that you are an integral part of making the app and the outdoor experience the best it can be. 

"By recording trips and notes or submitting trail reports and other feedback, you help inform and inspire the entire community. Other users can make better-informed decisions or discover locations they may not otherwise. Trail managers gain insights into current conditions and can more rapidly respond to safety considerations or shape future planning."

You can download the app for iPhone or Android, as well as access the online map, on the CPW's site

The second app, CPW Fishing, lets anglers upload data on their catches and find updates on recently stocked bodies of water. It contains over 1,300 fishing destinations to discover and tells you each site's popularity, ease of access, which fish are present (and an identification guide), stream gauges, and more.

Courtesy of CPW.

"CPW Fishing can help you discover new fishing locations, learn new skills, stay on top of the latest regulations and journal your fishing experiences," relates CPW.

Check out CPW's site to learn more and download the apps for iPhone or Android. 

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