Grab friends and family and head to Dillon to enjoy this iconic winter wonderland safely.

We were thrilled to announce the return of Dillon Ice Castles for the 2020-21 season. And we just can't wait until this attraction opens. Dillon Ice Castles is expected to open for the season in late December!

"Ice Castles is an awe-inspiring, must-see winter phenomenon that brings fairytales to life. This fun, family-friendly experience is built entirely from ice and gives guests a unique way to experience winter at its finest," writes the Ice Castles website.

Creators of this masterpiece made entirely of ice want to ensure safety, especially this year. Due to COVID-19, some changes have been made to provide space for social distancing while still enjoying the sights as in years' past.

The new restrictions due to COVID-19 include:

  • Ice Castles will be open at a reduced capacity.
  • When possible, tunnels and walkways will have directed traffic flow in one direction.
  • Staff and guests will be required to wear masks.

Colorado is thrilled to host Ice Castles in Dillon for the fourth consecutive year. Families and friends have enjoyed exploring the frozen art and capturing illuminated selfies against an icicle backdrop.

"It takes nearly two months and thousands of manhours to create 10,000 icicles. The icicles are harvested and artistically placed on the castle structure. The structure, then, is doused with water. With the freezing temperatures, the icicles are cemented in place. Ice Castles artists add colored LED lights throughout the structure to create an even more magical experience. Over the course of time, Mother Nature also adds her flair of artistry with wind, snow, and winter weather conditions."

A pre-sale of tickets will take place in the first week of December, with regular ticket sales being open to the public later that month. Admission prices have risen slightly over last year. Tickets range from $17.99 (weekdays) to $22.99 (weekends) for adults and $12.99 to $17.99 for children. There is no admission fee for smaller children under the age of three.

Are you planning to visit the Dillon Ice Castles this winter? Tell us in the comments below.