Welcome the new "residents" to the Denver Zoo!

Visitors to the Denver Zoo will get to see the return of some beloved "animals" this summer. Nature Connects, Art With LEGO Bricks will be at the Denver Zoo until October 31. This is the first time the exhibit has been in Denver since 2015.

Artist Sean Kenney and his team of LEGO builders used nearly one million bricks to complete the exhibit, which has over 15 plant- and animal-inspired sculptures. It took several months to complete all of the sculptures, including a snow leopard, monarch butterfly, coral reef, whooping crane, black rhino, jeweled chameleon, African Lion, and a polar bear and three cubs. 

Lego flamingo
Courtesy of the Denver Zoo

Kenney is a world-renowned LEGO artist who considers himself a “professional kid”. He has designed and created commentary sculptures for many high-profile clients around the world. Kenney has no association with the LEGO company, other than that he is their biggest fan. He makes the art because he loves it, drawing out each idea as a pencil sketch first. Some need hefty engineering work to make them do what he wants; other times, he will just start with a huge pile of LEGO bricks and see where things go. 

Kenney has also written nine children’s books, including Building Amazing Creations and Cool Creations in 101 Pieces.

These new additions to the Denver Zoo family are a welcome sight, even though they are just here visiting. Kenney and his team hope to connect zoo visitors with the world’s vanishing species.

Lego iguana
Courtesy of the Denver Zoo

There is no extra charge to see the artwork, as they are placed in different locations all over the zoo and are included in regular admission.The Denver Zoo is open with safety measures and social distancing rules in place. Tickets are limited and sold only online, and per the statewide mask mandate and zoo policy, all visitors over the age of three are required to wear a facemask. 

What zoo animal would you want to see built entirely out of LEGO bricks? Share your favorite with us the comments.