Woodcroft Park is a small, neighborhood park in Parkville that provides a fun place to play if you're in the area.

The big mega-parks like Stadium Place and Annie's Playground are great, but occasionally it is nice to simply play at a park where you are. Small neighborhood playgrounds, like Woodcroft Park in Parkville, Maryland, provide that type of play space. The park is small, but it provides a nice place to play for local kids or kids who are visiting the area.

The Details

park playground

Courtesy of Google Maps

For the Kids

This is a small playground, but it provides enough fun for most kids. 

  • Two slides: one tube type and one open corkscrew type
  • U-shaped Net: a large net for climbing on and walking across a gap
  • A climbing “bridge” of bars that stair-step higher for each rectangle
  • Two sets of monkey bars
  • One kid's bench under the equipment
  • One “play window”
  • One steering wheel
  • Two spring riders (a truck and a bulldozer)
  • Multiple ways to climb up: stairs, columns, spiral ladder
  • Two standard swings and two toddler-type swings.
  • Lots of open grassy field to play on past the equipment.

For the Parents

  • The surface around the play structures is wood chips, and the rest of the park is grass or sidewalk (the grassy area would be perfect for picnics!). 
  • The park features three benches for parents to sit, with scattered old trees providing some shade.
  • The playground does get a little loud, not just from kids playing but also from 695 which is adjacent. There is a tall sound wall, but it only muffles the noise.

Other Considerations

  • This is a neighborhood park so there is only local street parking.
  • The playground isn’t fenced in. It has residential yards on either side that are fenced, but it is open to Woodcroft Rd on one end and an alley on the other.
  • There is one paved path into the park, but it ends at grass or the wood chips, so the play equipment isn’t truly accessible.
  • The slides are plastic, so while they don’t get as hot as metal slides, they are very staticky.
  • Finally, there is no public bathroom and no water fountain, and while the playground tends to be pretty clean, there is only one trash can.

Have you taken your kiddos to play at this park before? Which other parks and playgrounds do you want us to include in this series? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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