The Virginia Aquarium Adventure Park in Virginia Beach has zip lines and ropes courses that light up at night.

Have you been feeling like you've been barking up the wrong tree lately? The treetop adventures at the Virginia Aquarium Adventure Park might be just what you need. The sizeable park in Virginia Beach features 27 ziplines, 17 "aerial trails," and 258 treetop platforms connected by bridges and ropes courses. 

ropes course

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The park is located at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Centre’s Marsh Pavilion, just minutes from the Boardwalk. Adventurous park-goers wear harnesses and clip onto safety cables before navigating treetop trails of varying difficulty. Their website assures that the park "is perfect for anyone aged 5+ of any fitness level. Helpful staff are available at all times to answer any questions or provide you with assistance:

"We provide you with a safety briefing and practice session, so don’t worry if you’ve never done this type of activity before. Our trails are color-coded, just like ski slopes, so that you can make your way across the park."


One such rope bridge / tunnel, image courtesy

COVID Precautions

Of course, in current conditions, would-be adventurers should be mindful of their safety and the safety of others. To that end, the Virginia Aquarium Adventure Park has taken precautions based on CDC guidance, including:

  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation measures, including surfaces and equipment
  • Social distancing signage and procedures
  • Contactless transactions
  • Use of personal protective equipment by our staff

The park highly recommends wearing protective gloves when climbing the park, but you'll need to be sure and bring your own, as they will not be providing "community" gloves due to COVID. Leather-palmed, protective gloves are recommended, and they can be purchased from the on-site retail store.

Glow in the Park

Come nightfall, the park transforms. LEDs, fairy lights, and music turn the garish fun of the day into something magical and mystical.

The same ropes courses and ziplines take on a new air under the glow of colored lights. Ziplines rush by under the dark canopy of trees and glimpse the stars in the sky. 

ropes course at night

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Each purchased park pass is good for two hours of adventure plus a 40-minute training and safety briefing, so if you want to see the after-dark light-show, be sure to book your visit later in the day. Tickets are available at the Adventure Park website.

Does a treetop trek seem like fun to you? Or are you averse to heights? Leave a comment!