Proposal would allow 45 hikers on incline per time slot. 

Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs are collaborating to come up with a solution to reopen Manitou Springs to hikers. 

The incline closed to the public in April due to COVID-19 concerns, and the two cities have been trying to come up with an acceptable way to allow people to access it again. 

Manitou Springs initially proposed a fee and reservation system to allow people to hike and park in the area. However, Colorado Springs was not on board with that plan.

"While the city will review the ideas with the other property owners, it is extremely premature to suggest that major changes, particularly under the guise of COVID-19, especially without agreement of the owners and a significant public process," said the city of Colorado Springs about the initial plan. "The fee proposal as it is currently written especially goes beyond mitigating risk and would require a significant public process to evaluate a future usage fee and additional management options. Further, implementation of any fee would trigger a level of public involvement specific to the National Forest System Lands."

Instead, Colorado Springs decided to draft its own plan that eliminates the fee but keeps the reservation system. The new proposal allows 45 hikers will be allowed on the incline every 30 minutes to keep them spread out as much as possible. Hikers would have to make reservations for their time slot. In addition, there will be a handwashing station and increased sanitation of facilities. Hikers would be asked to wear face masks.

You can see the details of the proposal here. This plan will go before the Manitou Springs City Council for approval this week. 

Rocky Mountain National Park recently instituted a temporary timed-entry system for guests to maintain social distancing.

Would you make a reservation to hike the incline? How do you feel about wearing a face mask while making the hike? Let us know in the comments!

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