Crumpet and her mom are out and about in their habitat next to Toyota Elephant Passage. 

It doesn't get any more adorable than this little lady—this much cuteness should come with a warning label! The Denver Zoo's lesser kudus, Joe and Moscato, welcomed a bouncing baby girl in late July. Crumpet joins the herd at the zoo that includes her parents, as well as sisters Winifred and Eleanor (both of whom were born in 2019). 

Crumpet is doing well and welcoming adoring fans to the Central Ranges habitat down by Toyota Elephant Passage! 

"This little kudu joined us on the morning of Sunday 7/26, and she’s already perfectly adorable and bouncing all over her new home!" the zoo said on its Facebook page

Near-threatened in the wild, lesser kudu can be found in grassy, semi-arid areas of northeastern Africa, in particular, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and more. It has already gone extinct in Djibouti. These animals love to feed on foliage from bushes and trees, as well as herbs. In the wild, the lesser kudu is mainly active at night and during the dawn, and it seeks shelter in dense thickets just after the sunrise.

While you come to visit crumpet, you can also check out a few new residents to the zoo, as well! Billy Hoyle, an alligator snapping turtle, has come to Denver by way of the Bronx Zoo and is making the Tropical Discovery habitat his home. Western lowland gorillas, Mbeli, Kali, and Gunther, came to the zoo earlier this summer. And, if camels are your jam, come check out Hagrid and Sprout, 3-month-old babies that are ready to meet their fans!  

Have you seen any of these cool new animals at the zoo yet? Have you visited Crumpet? What has been your favorite zoo baby so far? Let us know in the comments below!