Experience a zoo unlike any other!

The Virginia Safari Park is hands-down one of my favorite attractions in the greater DMV area. After all, it's an unforgettable experience straight out of Africa!

Not to be confused with the Natural Bridge Zoo, the Virginia Safari Park is a 180-acre drive-through zoo. The park features more than 1,000 different animals from all over the world. As you drive along the three-mile gravel road, animals will wander and roam right up to your vehicle. If you're brave, you can even roll down your windows and feed some of the animals that walk up to your car.

You are NOT allowed to exit your vehicles during the safari, and minivan sliding doors must remain closed during the drive-through.

virginia safari park
Courtesy of Virginia Safari Park (Facebook)

While other zoos would prohibit these sorts of interactions, the Virginia Safari Park thrives on it. The park's whole purpose is to take these majestic animals out from behind the cages and fences and right up to your car's windows!

The most popular exhibit is the giraffe enclosure. Guests can get right up to the giraffes at eye-level and even feed them! Giraffe feed is 50ยข a handful, so be sure to bring extra quarters with you!

Check out the full calendar with the park's 2021 season hours and ticket prices below:

virginia safari park

virginia safari park

I can't stress enough how valuable the Virginia Safari Park is. It is a gem from a bygone era. So if you're looking for a good family-friendly day trip this fall, definitely head to the Virginia Safari Park!

Have you been to Virginia Safari Park before? Do you have a memorable animal experience you want to share? Tell us in the comments below!