The most comprehensive exhibit of Leonardo Da Vinci's work to ever be presented will open at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in 2019.

Leonardo Da Vinci's incredible legacy has impacted the arts and sciences for hundreds of years, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will soon host the most comprehensive exhibition of his work to ever be presented. 

Da Vinci may have passed away in 1519, but his Renaissance-era contributions can still be seen in today's society. He is revered as one of the most influential people in history, with a far-reaching impact on multiple avenues of creative thought. A jack of all trades, Leonardo's ideas had a profound effect on architecture, philosophy, engineering, anatomy, science, and art. 

Starting March 1, 2019, you'll be able to explore replicas of Da Vinci's books of sketches and notes, which were re-created in Italy. The exhibit, Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Geniuswill also feature over 70 models that illustrate Da Vinci's impact on scientific progress. His ideas would become the basis for inventions such as the airplane, automobile, helicopter, submarine, and more. 

More than just an exhibit, this multisensory experience will include high-definition motion graphics paired with surround sound, covering the gallery with photo and video footage. There will also be interactive elements, and you can even make your own codex page with a still life or self-portrait. Engage with actors who will play characters in Da Vinci's life story, bringing an intimate perspective to his work. 

You'll even be able to see the exclusive "Secrets of the Mona Lisa," a detailed examination of the famous painting conducted by photographer and scientific engineer Pascal Cotte at the Louvre. The world's first 360-degree replica of The Mona Lisa will be on display, along with super-magnified images that show the detail of the work. Guests can look forward to a truly unique experience right here in Denver. 

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