The Denver Selfie Museum just opened, and it's making our selfies all that we ever wanted them to be.

Calling all selfie lovers! There's a new museum in Denver, and it's all about selfies. The Instagram pop-up museum is the first-of-its-kind in Denver, and they provide everything you could possibly imagine; you just need to bring yourself—and don't forget your phone!

The new Denver Selfie Museum is located at 1525 Market Street, and is open Monday through Thursday, from 12–8 p.m., and Friday through Sunday, 12–9 p.m. Admission for adults is $25–$29, ages 5–12 is $20, and kiddos 4 and under can get in for free.

The Denver Selfie Museum does not want visitors to be mere observers, in fact, the museum encourages touching, laughing, exploring and really interacting with the exhibits, and, of course, taking tons of selfie to "an entirely new level of awesomeness".

With over 30 specially constructed photo booths and backgrounds, many of which are wild, wacky, and colorful, visitors can create selfies that they've only dreamed of. There's a wall of oversized donuts, a bathtub complete with a giant rubber duck and bubbles, ball pits, hypnotizing lines and patterns, angel wings in white and black, flower walls, optical illusions, orbs of light, a rope swing chair in a room full of swinging bananas … the list goes on. So much more than a simple photo booth or green screen, this is the place to go to stock up and create those likable posts for the 'Gram. An added bonus is that some of the booths and images were created with help from local artists, keeping it all about Colorado talent.

The new museum has only been open a couple of weeks, but it's already getting a lot of attention, and a lot of visitors. Owner Alex Kurylan saw the selfie museum concept pop up in other places around the country and decided to build his own right here in Denver.

So far, the museum has attracted quite a few visitors, getting over a thousand in about a week, and has had some pretty rave reviews. The set-up has already drawn the attention of local model, music artist, and influencer Corrine Carrie who stopped by to catch some shots. Local names in cosplay and several local artists have also shared selfies online, and the attention is likely to grow as people realize the potential of the selfie museum and the crazy and unique photos they can stage there.

The reviews are quite positive so far, recent visitor Kat Usha left this comment on Facebook:

“Super cool and fun place for adults and kids and adults who think they are still kids.”

We think sounds like a great day to spend an afternoon and can’t wait to get out there and get some awesome pictures to share on the 'Gram! People love selfies, so it's no surprise that businesses dedicated solely to the creation of selfies have started to be a thing.

Did you know about the Denver Selfie Museum? Give us the inside scoop and share your fabulous selfies with us in the comments.