Visit the "world's highest tubing hill"!  

Imagine the thrill of soaring down a snow-covered mountain on an inner tube screaming with joy at each twist, turn, and drop of the course. Better yet, imagine you're carried right up the hill (along with your tube) in order to do it all over again.

Your imagination is coming to life. More than 50,000 fans have viewed the video of Keystone's tubing experience (below). Complete with a lift to drag you and your tube up the large hill, this is an experience unlike any other.

Tickets are $30 (half-hour) and $45 (full-hour) per person. Reservations need to be made in advance by calling (970)-496-4386. Once you make your reservations, check out the COVID-19 precautions for check-in and planning your experience.

Mountaintop Snow Tubing helps you plan for the adventure with a Beginner's Guide. Just like any winter sport, tubing requires some preparation. It's important to layer warm clothing and apply sunscreen to any exposed skin, especially at this altitude. Bring snacks and stay hydrated as you're burning calories. Free parking is available at the River Run Parking Lot.

People of all ages are invited. You must be 42 inches tall, at least four-years-old, and weigh less than 350 pounds. With any strenuous activity, please check with your doctor to be sure you're in good enough health to participate. Sorry, pregnant women should stay home or in the lodge this time.

Have you tubed at Winter Mountaintop Snow Tubing? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.