The outdoor clothing company opens its first Worn Wear program pop-up store.

Patagonia celebrates the extension of its Worn Wear program by opening its first pop-up store dedicated entirely to the buy-back program. The sustainable program repairs second-hand Patagonia products and resells them at a lower price than the brand new merchandise.

Located on Pearl Street in Boulder, the pop-up will be stocked with high quality used Patagonia gear. Additionally, the pop-up will house exclusively the ReCrafted Collection, Patagonia's new line of products made from discarded and irreparable clothing.

The Patagonia Worn Wear pop-up will be open until February 2020.


Out with the new. In with the old. @patagoniaboulder #wornwear

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The Worn Wear program allows Patagonia consumers to trade in their old coats, sweatshirts, and other Patagonia clothing, and in exchange, patrons will receive a gift card. The exchanged items will then be washed with environmentally friendly products, inspected three times for quality, and stocked for sale.

Since the 1970s, Patagonia's mission has been to repair and replenish clothing, making sure items last longer in order to reduce the retail industry's impact on the environment. Aside from reducing retail consumerism, the company donates its time, services, and 1 percent of its sales to organizations that focus on combating the climate crisis.

As the pop-up store opens, Patagonia's main store in Boulder is temporarily closing until late November. Patagonia Boulder is relocating a few blocks away from its previous location to a larger space in 1630 Pearl Street.

In the meantime, Patagonia costumers can visit the pop-up store or visit the mobile repair stations, where their garments can be fixed regardless of the brand. The Worn Wear pop-up will also host regular workshops about repair and upcycle. For more information on the events' schedule, visit the Patagonia website.