Old McDonald had a farm, but this place is way better than that.

Imagine a place where abused and sad animals can go and live their life to the fullest extent. You’ve seen the rebellious teenager or the over-caring character rescue an animal recklessly to have it end happily with the rescued animal at a farm. Now, what if that wonderful farm was a real place?

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is a safe haven for the animals that cannot be accepted at shelters. They provide a permanent home and lifelong care for farm animals while using the background stories to educate the benefits of the vegan lifestyle. They have been around since 1997 and have been involved in animal rights campaigns since.

I know, so wholesome!

courtesy of giphy

Courtesy of Giphy

The best part? You can go there and meet all the happy farm animals yourself. The sanctuary offers tours and volunteers are also welcome to help. Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is not ‘walk-in’ friendly. With the animals’ best interests in mind, they ask politely to schedule a tour for you on the weekends. You can get some one-on-one time with Celeste the Pig or Michael the Goat (who has the personality of an adorable old man). Each animal there comes from the milk, meat, and dairy industry.

The sanctuary is also a loving home to cows, sheep, goats, ducks, llamas, and some very happily lazy pigs. They are spread out among 140 acres of land, so they are free to run, play, and relax anywhere they wish! During the tour, you can learn more about the residents and how they came to be there.

The sanctuary is a non-profit organization, so they rely on people like you to help out. Can’t volunteer or visit? That’s okay! You can also sponsor an animal or simply donate to the cause. The best way you can help the sanctuary is consider going vegan as well. The sanctuary uses their platform to educate the welfare of animals and how a vegan lifestyle can benefit everyone, not just the adorable residents of the sanctuary.

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary isn’t just a petting zoo adventure, it’s a happy place for everyone to enjoy. Drop your chicken soup for the soul and go meet a cow. They have beautiful eyes.

courtesy of pexels

Courtesy of Pexels

For more information, visit the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary's website or Facebook page.

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