The pop-culture candy attraction is looking for a location in Northern Virginia.

If running through a candy room in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie is a secret fantasy or yours, that dream is about to come true. A new pop-up called Candytopia has announced plans to come to the DC area. Candytopia is a traveling candy museum featuring art displays made of candy, along with interactive exhibits and plenty of candy nostalgia. 

The tasty pop-culture museum is the brainchild of celeb candy stylist Jackie Sorkin and retail maven John Goodman. The pop-up, similar to the Ice Cream Museum, travels around the country, setting up in a city for a period of weeks to months. Candytopia is expected to land in the Tysons Corner area sometime in the next year.

Candytopia pop-up musuem

Candytopia art gallery, courtesy Candytopia

Visitors to Candytopia stroll through confectionary galleries filled with paintings and sculptures made of jellybeans, hard candy, licorice, and a rolling list of sugar-based foodstuffs. Guests can touch, but not eat the displays – not to worry, though: there are candy sampling stations throughout to curb your cravings. The museum has a standard curation of exhibits and adds a few pieces to reflect its current destination. For instance, in Atlanta, Candytopia designed a giant peach made from jelly beans and a giant candy-covered Atlanta Braves cap.

The most exciting attractions at Candytopia are the flying pigs room and the marshmallow pit. When pigs fly in Candytopia, visitors are showered in a confetti storm originating from the uh, em, behinds of candy-covered pigs. In the marshmallow pit, guests can swim through a sea of giant (not mini) marshmallows, pitch them at friends or just revel in the fact that they are in a giant confectionary ball pit. Both attractions are definitely Instagram video-worthy.


Courtesy of Instagram

Candytopia pop-ups range in size from 14,000 to 25,000 square feet depending on location. Admission prices vary, and all guests can visit the Candytopia retail shop for candy, gifts, and more candy. 

What kind of displays do you think the D.C. Candytopia will have? Tell us in the comments!

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