So. Freakin'. Excited!

If you've been bummed about the cancellations and postponements of concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, well, we've got some good and bad news for you—the good news is that the concert venue is once again open for various fitness events; the bad news is that in-person concerts are not gonna be a thing just yet. BUT, you can still enjoy music from Red Rocks from anywhere in the world with the new virtual concert app.

The venue will be hosting three different fitness events over the next few months, but only a maximum of 175 attendees will be permitted for each event due to social distancing guidelines. Attendees must wear masks upon entry into Red Rocks but can later be removed for the class.

Check out the fitness events below:

All tickets for the fitness events are now on sale. Tickets are $21 for each class, including fees.

As far as the concerts go, a new virtual concert app and website will bring "the Red Rocks experience to your phone or computer like never before," said Red Rocks spokesman Brian Kitts. 

"Like everybody else in the entertainment business, we’re doing everything we can to provide access," Kitts added. "Shutting down an entire summer would break all of our hearts. For fans who want to experience just a little bit of Red Rocks, we’re trying really hard to let that happen."

For more information, visit the Red Rocks website.

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