Park will be closed to vehicles from 6 a.m. to noon. 

While there is no doubt that Garden of the Gods is an indescribable, visual wonder, there is more than the eye can see to the natural area. On October 6, the park will restrict access to motorized vehicles until noon, so hikers, bicyclists, skaters, climbers, walkers, and more can enjoy the sounds, smells, and natural peace of the park, as well. 

The event is now in its third year and was designed to provide both a wonderful experience for visitors, as well as lessen some of the stress on the park. With nearly 6 million people visiting each year, many in motor vehicles, it's truly a rare and must-attend day when cars will not be on the roads. The morning has been well-received and attended in the past, and park officials see the benefit of hosting the event a few times a year.

"Motorless Morning was conceptualized from a transportation study designed to enhance the visitor experience and protect the natural elements of Garden of the Gods Park. This event will eliminate motor vehicle access within the park throughout the event to allow park visitors to enjoy the natural sights and sounds within the park without vehicle noise," says

garden of gods road

The road is wide open and all yours on Motorless Mornings! Courtesy of Garden of the Gods Park (Facebook)

The only vehicle exception will be park shuttles, which will be providing access to the park for those that are disabled or require assistance. The park will also permit the use of other power-driven mobility devices (OPDMD) within the park throughout the event.

"During the event, visitors will be encouraged to park their vehicles at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post (324 Beckers Lane, Manitou Springs) or in the temporary parking lot at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site (corner of N 30th Street and Gateway Road). Persons with Disabilities can park at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center (1805 N 30th Street) and be shuttled into the park," says 

The park entrance on Motorless Morning is still free, and all of the usual regulations will apply. Rangers will start making the rounds in the park around 11:30 a.m. to let visitors know that vehicles will be admitted at noon, so you can plan accordingly. 

"I had a great hike this morning in GoG!" commented an event-goer on the fall 2018 event Facebook page. "Six deer and zero cars. It was great to hike on the trails this morning and not hear any cars."

You can learn more about Motorless Morning by visiting the event page on

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