Reservations are required to see the iconic and picturesque Maroon Bells.

Whether you're traveling by vehicle or RFTA (Roaring Fork Transporation Authority) shuttle, reservations are required to access the Maroon Bells Scenic Area and related amenities.

Beginning on April 12, 2021, reservations will be open on the Aspen Chamber reservation site

Parking reservations ($10) will be required when the road opens in mid-May. When the RFTA shuttle begins service (mid-June), reservations to ride the shuttle ($16) will also be required.

"When the shuttle service is operating (June 7 to October 17 or 24), parking reservations will be available for half-day, whole-day, or overnight. There will be the ability for private vehicles to drop off passengers between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. without a parking reservation; however, visitors who are dropped off during this time will need a one-way ticket to ride the shuttle down to Aspen Highlands after 8 a.m. Commercial drop-offs are not allowed at any time," says Aspen Chamber Resort Association.

You'll be able to quickly research and plan your trip before you pack up for your trip. The Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) has answers to the most common questions regarding reservations, transportation, scenic area, camping, and amenities:

  • Do I need to print and display my reservation?
  • Can I take my dog on the shuttle bus?
  • Do I need a reservation for a wedding?
  • Is there cell service?
  • What should I bring with me?
  • Where can I camp near the Maroon Bells?
  • Do I need a permit for the Four Pass Loop?

As with any trip in Colorado, it's best to plan ahead; check the weather and check out our tips for preparing for a day hike.

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