Here's something for the bucket list!

Starting at only $35 for adults, the Frostburg Flyer will take you on a beautiful, three-hour train ride through Western Maryland's mountains. Sit back and relax on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad (WMSR) while the vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange fly past your window during the most colorful time of year.

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Boarding begins at 11 a.m. at 13 Canal St., Cumberland, Maryland 21502, with the train departing at 11:30 a.m. If you select the Dining Class option, you'll enjoy a delicious lunch and one of the chef's signature desserts. If you want to cut down on costs, select Standard Coach, and visit the snack bar if you're feeling famished. 


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For those curious about the route itself, the train travels west from Cumberland through the Allegheny Mountain area on its way to Frostburg. A picturesque iron truss bridge and Helmstetter’s Horseshoe Curve (one of the most famous railroad landmarks east of the Mississippi River) are just two of the noteworthy sites you'll pass through on your scenic journey.

You will have an hour to yourself to explore the charming town of Frostburg while on your layover. WMSR recommends bringing comfortable walking shoes since there's plenty to do and see. Some of their suggestions include: "the Thrasher Carriage Museum, Toasted Goat WineryMountain City Coffeehouse and Creamery, Princess Restaurant, and Clatter Coffee."

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If you prefer to explore the mountains at a faster pace during your layover, you can rent a bike for an additional $5. You can easily book your tickets online, by clicking on the date you would like to depart. They currently have available the weekends of November 8-10, 15-17, and Friday, the 22nd. If you're interested in December availability, please call 301-759-4400.

Prices are below:

Dining Class Tickets

Adult (Ages 13+): $66
Child (Ages 3-12): $50
Infants (Ages 0-2): FREE 

First Class Tickets

Adult (Ages 13+): $56
Child (Ages 3-12): $40
Infants (Ages 0-2): FREE 

Standard Coach Tickets

Adult (Ages 13+): $46
Child (Ages 3-12): $30
Infants (Ages 0-2): FREE 

Ride in the Locomotive (Must be 16 years old and up)

Dining Included: $184
Without Dining: $165

Pub Car

Adult (Ages 21+): $55 (Pub snacks will be included and beer, wine, and soda are available for purchase)

Personally, fall is my favorite time of year. I met my husband in the fall, we got married in the fall, and my son's and my birthdays are both in the fall. Besides our momentous occasions, it's just a stunning time of year. The air is crisp, you get to finally pull out your chunky scarves and boots, and the scenery is picture-perfect. 

Whether you can make it work this year or next, the WMSR is an incredible addition to your bucket list!!

Do you love the fall? Do you live in Western Maryland? If so, will you book tickets on the Frostburg Flyer? Would this make a great day trip from Baltimore? Let us know in the comments!