Based on the events behind the “worst film ever made,” The Disaster Artist honors The Room by becoming one of the best movies of the year

Oh, hai Mark. The Disaster Artist is the surprisingly true story about the friendship between Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) and the eccentric Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and how that led to the creation of the cult-favorite, critically-panned The Room (which Wiseau expected to be nominated for an Academy Award). The flick is based off of the tell-all written by Sestero, exploring the beginning of the two men's friendship, the making of the film, and ending with the premiere. Complete with an all-star cast, including Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson, and a ton of celebrity cameos, The Disaster Artist sets out to be the Hollywood film that The Room sadly never was. James Franco becomes Tommy Wiseau. It is actually really scary, but considering the older Franco directed and produced the flick, it is clear that this is a passion project of his. He was meant to play this strange role. Franco won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and is a top contender for the Best Actor Oscar. [caption id="attachment_5821" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]the room James Franco & Tommy Wiseau[/caption]
So do you have to see The Room to enjoy or "get" The Disaster Artist? Not necessarily. Obviously some of the background and inside jokes are easier to get if you have seen the film. But the experience overall is a separate thing to enjoy. Some of the most iconic moments from the picture are showcased perfectly in The Disaster Artist. There is also a segment of side-by-side re-creations of the scenes to prove that, yes, this movie is just as ridiculous as we are portraying it to be. The Disaster Artist is a funny movie. No question, but it is also one of those weird movies that makes you think. It has a strangely poignant message of success and not giving up on your dreams. While you are laughing at the absurdity of it, there is almost a melancholy feeling that emotes off the screen. You can’t help but feel bad for Wiseau, even though he is an almost villainous character. Will Tommy Wiseau finally receive the recognition he thinks he deserves? Stay tuned.

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