Remodeled hotel opens the doors to its historical, haunted past with serial killer-inspired rooms. 

What do you get when you take a haunted building steeped in history and add a dash of ghosts, past figures, and serial killers? The recently renovated Black Monarch Hotel in Victor. It's a genius concept with a creepy vibe that's been gaining quite a bit of attention. 

"This place is so cool! Victor is also really interesting, and I never would have seen it if we hadn’t found this place. The design elements are kinda spooky in the best way possible, and the space itself has so much character. It’s clear they have much bigger plans and are working on more rooms. I can’t wait to come back in a year or two and see what the owners have down with the place!" says one satisfied Airbnb reviewer. 

Located in what was once the second largest gold mining district, the hotel has seen several people come and go over the years. If its walls could talk, they would share stories of its time as a late-1800s casino, saloon, and brothel.

While it has served as a hotel for years, owner Adam Zimmerli has renovated and restored it its former glory, with a few fun surprises that embrace its creepy reputation, complete with a sprinkle of oddities like antique taxidermy and bizarre curiosities.  

You can stay in one of the four rooms that are offered, all are decorated in Victorian-era style, and each one is inspired by a historical figure, three of those being on the creepy side. The Nikola Tesla room is the most popular, so far, and named after the important historical figure who made major contributions to modern electricity. He spent time in Colorado and is rumored to have wired the very building where the hotel resides. 

Nikola Tesla Room

The Nikola Tesla room. Courtesy of The Black Monarch Hotel and Venue (Airbnb).

The next three rooms are perfect for those who like a walk on the dark side. The first is the H.H. Holmes room, named after what may be American's first-known serial killer. The next room is named after Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess who tortured and murdered hundreds of girls and bathed in their blood, searching for restored youth. The final room, Black Annis, is named after an English folklore creature with iron claws and a taste for human flesh (especially children). 

Add that to the hotel's long-standing reputation for paranormal activity, and you've got a perfect stay for supernatural fans. It's not uncommon for lodgers to report phantom party sounds and other random noises in the middle of the night. The hotel was leveled in a fire in 1899, which is thought to have left a few souls behind to wander the halls. The spirit of a barkeep who died in a gunfight also remains to sling drinks and scares. 

What won't have you spooked, however, are the many luxury amenities you will encounter in the hotel. Pillowtop mattresses, soft linens, 50" 4K smart TVs, WiFi, air purifiers, and white noise machines are all part of the hotel's experience. And, of course, you are miles away from Cripple Creek and a ton of mining history, so there's plenty to do outside of your room, as well. 

If you are interested in staying at the Black Monarch, you can book the rooms through Airbnb, or check out more on the hotel's website and Facebook page