Obviously, you’re not a golfer. It’s time to bowl!

Let me lay out a guide for you of the best bowling in Denver, Colorado. Obviously, this all depends on personal preference, but whether you like your lanes hip or old-school (in my opinion, the only way to bowl), we have bowling alleys on this list that are right for you.

*Please note that the following bowling alleys are listed in no particular order.

Lucky Strike

Denver Pavilions, 500 16th St. Mall #340, Denver

Lucky Strike Bowling

Courtesy of Lucky Strike (website)

"Mod bowling spot" located in the Denver Pavilions, this bowling spot isn't just for throwing a strike. You could just come for a drink and hang in the lounge or maybe end up dancing to the DJ. It’s all up to how you want the night to end!

Punch Bowl Social

65 Broadway, Denver

Punch Bowl Social

Courtesy of Punch Bowl Social (Facebook)

Not a place where you will end up ordering a pitcher of Bud Light. But does offer up a great atmosphere with a fun bar and many games to choose from. A night at Punch Bowl could end like its name, Social. Oh, and the food is anything but bar food.

Crown Lanes Bowling Center & Sports Bar 

Lincoln Shopping Center, 2325 S. Federal Blvd.


Courtesy of Pexels

A staple in the Denver community. Great prices, specials, and events.

AMF Monaco Lanes

6767 Leetsdale Dr.

Monaco Lanes

Perfect spot to grab some grub, cheap pitchers, knock some pins, and play some games if you are going to go all out!


945 S. Kipling Parkway


Courtesy of Brunswick Zone Bowling (Facebook)

Bowlero (formerly Brunswick) is a family favorite. If you get your fill of bowling, you can always head to the arcade or challenge your friends to a match of laser tag.

Are there other bowling alleys in Denver that we missed on our list? What do you think qualifies a spot as a top bowling alley in Denver? Sound off in the comments below.