Enjoy the summer and warm weather while you still can at one of these Colorado rivers! Drift along and soak up some sun.

The start of school is nearly here, and that means that there's only so much time to enjoy the time off with family and friends. And there's no better way to do that than tubing down a cool river! We've put together a list of the top five Colorado rivers for tubing, so check them out before it's too late!

*The following Colorado rivers are listed in no particular order.

Boulder Creek

3600 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder

Boulder Creek

Courtesy of Forest Service on USDA.gov

This bubbly, lively creek is a hotspot for young adults who want to go tubing in the summer months. The water is cold, and locals recommend not wearing flip flops, bikinis, or shades – you'll likely lose them due to the fast current. Groups are recommended for this creek, as they reduce the risk of getting stuck. Open containers of alcohol and charcoal grills aren't permitted, but gas grills get the green light. Avoid going during spring runoff (before mid-June), when the water is at its highest and most dangerous. Class V rapids exist upstream of Eben G. Fine Whitewater Park, so start downstream. Click here for more information.

Cache la Poudre River**

300 Woodlawn Dr., Fort Collins

Cache la Poudre River

Courtesy of VisitFTCollins.com

The gorgeous Cache la Poudre River offers a plethora of attractions and is often referred to by its beauty. For lazy tubing, park your car in the city just north of Old Town in Legacy Park, then walk up to Shields Street where you can hop on the river and float back down to your car. It's important to note that areas further up the canyon require more caution. For river safety guidelines, click here.

**Please note that as of June 7, Poudre Fire is asking tubers to not float from Fort Collins' Legacy Park to the Whitewater Park along the Poudre River.

Yampa River

841 Yampa St., Steamboat Springs

Courtesy of Oars.com

Make your way up to Steamboat Springs on a warm day, and stop at any of the parks, bars, and restaurants along your lazy way. This family-friendly river will carry you one to three hours downstream from the 5th Street Bridge. Locals suggest tubing in groups and wearing appropriate footwear, but alcohol, dogs, and glass will get you turned away. Click here for more information!

Clear Creek Whitewater Park

1201 10th St. Golden

Clear Creek WhiteWater Park

Courtesy of TripAdvisor (@StephenSDenver)

Paved paths, bronze statues, and beautiful trees adorn this Colorado creek. Located in Golden, this dog-friendly tubing spot was dedicated in 1998 as a place of recreation. Like the others, it's important to check the water levels before heading out. The City of Golden has done much to remove jagged rocks and treacherous footing, making this one of the safer creeks to tube on. While flat, it's still somewhat of a swift current, so less experienced swimmers should come prepared with a life vest. For more information, click here.

San Juan River

105 Hot Springs Blvd. Pagosa Springs

San Juan River

Courtesy of Oars.com

San Juan River in Pagosa Springs is surrounded by over three million acres of national forest and is a hotspot for tubing in the warmer months of July and August. Float lazily down the river and then shuttle back up to your car with Tubus Maximus Shuttle when you're done. Be prepared to dodge a few rocks and fishermen along the way! Click here for more information.

Always remember that conditions change daily, and currents should not be underestimated. Avoid tubing during spring runoff, when even the most experienced swimmers can have trouble in the strong currents. Always check the river flow and use caution. Tubers under 12 are required by law to wear life jackets.

Is there a place you like to tube that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below.