Imagine a space where not only your child is taken care of, but you are too.

If you ever doubted that parenthood could land you in a space with a Soho-like vibe, elevated art without pretension, juice boxes, playmats ... and your kids, then you're not the only one. Meet Reiva and Yon, who are taking the indoor playhouse to the next level; they created an indoor play space for kids that they would actually want to go to—imagine that?! And it's right in your backyard: the Denver Highlands (with parking, too)!

khloe and baby
Khloe Haney and baby, Courtesy of Our Community Now

With the pandemic (and the new wave of millennial parents and Gen X-late bloomer parents with elevated tastes and preferences), gone are the days of Chuck E. Cheese, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald's playlands. It created a vacuum in the indoor play kid spaces, making parenthood even more isolating than ever because there was nowhere to meet "others" just like them. 

reiva and yon
Reiva and Yon, partners, parents, and co-owners of Tumble Haus, Courtesy of Gonzalez

Enter Reiva and Yon, partners, parents of two boys (11 months apart—not planned), and co-owners of Tumblehaus. They fell in love, got a dog, had a baby, got pregnant (again) all within a humble 600-square-foot New York City apartment. With an overactive dog and two boys, Reiva and Yon knew they had to move away with space.

Fast forward to Colorado. Such a family-friendly place, but they soon realized that Colorado winters (um, springs) were somewhat limited for outdoor space so they were in search of indoor play spaces for their family. Not easy, so they decided to create a space where they would actually want to hang out. A play space for adults and kids; go figure! Being new to town and isolated in cold weather and the pandemic, left a significant void in "community" for all of them. 

"We realized, wow, we can really do this and make it a place for adults, and then start bringing in community and doing parent events, networking events, ice breakers–the whole nine, not to mention a huge place that was safe for the kids. So we decided that right then and there, we were just gonna run with it and then two years later, throw in a pandemic, and then we opened on June 1."

Our Community Now had a fun meeting with them while talking parenthood, mom and dad community, Zion National Park, thrift stores, botox, and finding that mythical unicorn: a single, childless middle-aged man who desperately wants to find a lifelong partner to help raise her kids. 

dad and son
Sorry Ladies, this guy's already taken. Courtesy of Our Community Now

Our conversation fit the space—alongside a 3-year-old playing with trucks and a 10-month-old crawling on the mats. Reiva, a makeup artist from NYC, and Yon, a set designer from Brooklyn, sat on the pink crescent-shaped couch in the corner chatting with a mom of three (me).

Tumble Haus gives space for kids to be kids and for parents to be adults and do grown-up things like sitting on a piece of furniture where our legs can fully extend, comfortably drinking our own beverage (without a lid), and carrying on a conversation (uninterrupted) for more than five minutes (we actually exceeded an hour). Not to mention that the Olympics was tuned in on the big screen and a sweet playlist of '80s music lulled us into some much-needed nostalgia. 

How to Play:

  • Memberships, drop-ins, special events (football Sundays [bring the kids], Moms Night Out, and happy hours [leave the kids home])
  • Open 7 days a week for 0–5 years old children with adult
  • Play sessions each day including the bewitching parenting hours between 4–7 p.m.

They may be transplants, but they sure have embraced "the locals." Their entrepreneurial spirit travels with them, engaging enterprising freelancers much like themselves with local artists, Colorado-exclusive products, women- and minority-owned businesses, and local partnerships. And because they're parents, too, they know all the staples and luxuries that a parent needs for making getting out of the house with kids a worthwhile endeavor: 

  • Abby & Finn: responsibly manufactured diapers and wipes
  • Char's Jars: sensory jars with shapes and letters 
  • Melaxation Box: spa subscription box
  • Craftsman & Apprentice: local craftsman authors book about crafting (the real stuff) with kids of all ages 
  • Pat Milbery: local artist with worldwide fame painted signature murals on Tumble Haus' exterior (no trouble finding this building!)
  • Family Pupz: offers classes for parents on how to basically train their dog (and the parent) on how to introduce and acclimate them to their child, and you can bring your dog to class with you

Adult Extras: 

  • Middlestate Coffee (local roaster), tea bar (and coming soon a wine bar!) (BONUS: your beverage is allowed on the playmat with your child)
  • Handcraft Bakery + Espresso baked goodies
  • Adult seating
  • WiFi
  • Big screen TV (and it's not looping cartoons)
  • Changing tables in both bathrooms (dad and mom)
  • Diaper pails

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At the heart of Tumble Haus is community. Both Reiva and Yon attribute their success to their surrounding community who engage with them daily on social, on the play mat, and even before Tumble Haus broke ground. Parenting is hard enough and isolating already, and Tumble Haus lays the foundational meeting space for parents to find that instant community as moms and dads—in a space that actually makes you want to stay and play too!

Have you been to Tumble Haus yet? Share your experience in the comments.