We're finally getting to live out our "Mario Kart" dreams. Fun Land of Fredericksburg will debut their multi-level go-kart track on June 8.

Virginia's first multi-level go-kart track will open on Saturday, June 8, and we couldn't be more excited. Usual tracks just wind around on one level so you go in the same circle over and over and over again (getting bored quickly), but this new track at Fun Land of Fredericksburg is intended to keep the fun rolling! 

And don't worry: Unlike the Nintendo Mario Kart game, you actually play nice on this track and won't have to dodge those pesky bananas! 

Those who hold an annual pass get to test out the track in a preview on June 7. Annual passes are available here; a basic annual pass will run you $99, and an annual plus pass will run you $134 – we think that's a great price for a lot of fun!

Just look at it ...

go-kart track

The tallest point is 30 feet high! 

Inside go cart track

The track is worth $1 million and took just five months to complete. And with 1,700 square feet of racing space over three levels, the track has more than enough room to beat your friends or family members!

**All photos courtesy of Fun Land of Fredericksburg 

Which annual pass will you be buying? How many times do you plan to go this summer? Tell us in the comments!