It's a girl!

The Virginia Zoo has recently welcomed the first baby of the year—a baby girl Masai giraffe. The "feisty," 6-foot-1 giraffe was born on January 11 to proud parents Imara and Billy, announced the zoo on Thursday.

The calf is the eighth for mom and the thirteenth for dad.

"Zoo’s Animal Care Staff had been preparing for the calf’s arrival although the exact due date is never certain," writes the zoo. "A neonatal exam was performed 24 hours after the birth by the Zoo’s Veterinarian, Dr. Tara Reilly, with the assistance of Keepers and Veterinary Technicians. The exam revealed the calf is a female, healthy and feisty! Mom and baby are bonding, and the calf is nursing well. She appears strong and is already learning to run!"

virginia zoo giraffe
Courtesy of Virginia Zoo

A name has not yet been decided for the calf, but that's where you come in! The Virginia Zoo is holding an auction to pick the name, all in support of its Wildlife Conservation Fund. Name entries are being accepted from January 14–21. A minimum of $5 must be donated in order to submit a potential name for the giraffe.

Will you be donating and submitting your name suggestions? What are your top picks? Leave a comment below.