I bet you didn’t know there was a national marine sanctuary right in our own backyard! 

Mallows Bay (on the Potomac River in Charles Country, Maryland) is a small bay that houses historic shipwrecks that you can actually go see. How cool is that?

mallows bay

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Right now, Mallows Bay ...

“boasts a diverse collection of nearly 200 known historic shipwrecks dating back to the Civil War, as well as archaeological artifacts dating back 12,000 years.”

If you have any interest in maritime history (or history, in general!), this is absolutely fascinating!

The ships are all partially sunk into the bay (except for the top parts peeking out), but the water is clear enough that you can see details of the ships. This “infrastructure serves as a habitat to populations of recreational fisheries, bald eagles, and other marine species.”

Mallows Bay is part of a network of national marine sanctuaries across the entire country. The National Marine Sanctuaries monitor each one to make sure there’s balance between the natural habitats and visitors. 

If you’re planning a visit, there are many things to do—from boating to fishing to even a heritage trail. A great way to go see the shipwrecks is to kayak or canoe along the bay. That way, you can take your time enjoying the area. Plan your visit here

mallows bay

Courtesy of charest.net