July and August are prime peach season, and the farms in Northern Virginia are fairly bursting with them.

Pack a picnic and head out for some family fun. When was the last time you jumped in the car to explore the Virginia countryside?

The hottest months of the year bring out some of the sweetest, most delicious fruit—fresh peaches! A tree-ripened peach tastes so much better than what you can get in a grocery store. Try your hand at hunting some down this year.

Hartland Farm and Orchard

ADDRESS: 3205 Hartland Lane | Markham, VA
PHONE: (540) 532-0436

This family farm in Markham has a wide variety of peaches that ripen throughout late July and August. Check their Facebook page for announcements and give them a call to ensure their hours on the day you want to go.

If you're lucky, there may be some summer apples ripe for picking. The town of Markham is home to several wineries as well. Do your research and make a day of it with some wine-tasting! Better yet, visit Green Truck Farm, the adjacent property that is run by the same family, for berry picking.


Hollin Farms

ADDRESS: 1410 Snowden Road | Delaplane, VA
PHONE: (540) 592-3574

Hollin Farms has peaches, plums berries, and farm-fresh vegetables to pick so you can get a bit of everything out there. You can even dig your own new potatoes!

Call or check their Facebook page to see what's ripe for picking on the day you want to go. New for the 2020 season, face coverings are required in common areas, so bring them with you.

peach trees

Courtesy of Hollin Farms

Crooked Run Orchard

ADDRESS: 37883 East Main Street | Purcellville, VA
PHONE: (540) 338-6642

Call before heading out to this family-run orchard. They update their automated phone line regularly with what's ripe, and that may be more current than what is on the Facebook page. This is a cash-only farm, so swing by an ATM before you head out. You can also buy pre-picked produce at the family's farm stand on the property.


Courtesy of Crooked Run Orchard

Know Before You Go

  • Ripe peaches will come away in your hand with a gentle twist. If a peach doesn't come off the tree easily, it's probably not ripe yet.
  • Transporting perfectly ripe peaches isn't easy without bruising them. Bring along some extra kitchen towels and boxes to carefully pack them for the ride home.
  • The orchards will probably give you paper bags to do your picking. Bring some baskets if you plan on doing a photoshoot.
  • As tempting as it is, you don't want to eat your fresh peaches without washing them. If you plan on eating some right away, bring along a paring knife and peel the skin off first.
  • Cash is always accepted at small farm operations. They may not be able to take credit cards, so check before you head out.
  • If you find that you've picked too many peaches to eat, think about freezing some to use later in cobblers and pies. Need some new recipes? Try this simple peach crumble.

Is peach-picking one of your family's favorite summer activities? Where do you like to go? Let us know in the comments!