Planet Word's ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for October 22.

One of the benefits of visiting or living near Washington, D.C., is the countless museums that offer free admission! The newest D.C. museum is Planet Word, a museum dedicated to language and words, founded by philanthropist Ann Friedman. Planet Word is the world's first voice-activated museum with interactive exhibits encouraging museum-goers to experience words and languages from a variety of perspectives. 



It's a sign—opening day is right around the corner!

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Planet Word is located at 925 13th Street NW in the historic Franklin School building (fun fact: Alexander Graham Bell sent the first wireless voice transmission in 1880 from this building!). Initially, the museum was set to open to the public in May 2018 but ran into a few issues along the way, and like many other museums, COVID-19 further delayed the opening. 

“During the coronavirus pandemic, our focus has remained on the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and future visitors. We’ve continued the work of designing immersive and interactive galleries, curating content to feature in our exhibits, and revitalizing the historic Franklin School, with deference to guidance from public health officials.” -Ann Friedman, Founder & CEO

Generous donations from the community, AT&T, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Microsoft Corporation, and many others helped cover the initial $20 million goal to open the museum and cover the initial start-up costs. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for Thursday, October 2, at 11 a.m. ET and is available to stream online. Admission to the museum is free but requires reserved timed-entry passes.

Are you excited to test out this voice-activated and immersive museum experience? When do you plan to visit Planet Word? Let us know in the comments below!