Teleport back to 1985 Hawkins, Indiana, and take on a world full of mullets, music, and monsters.

The year is 1985. You’ve been teleported into a world of mullets, music, and monsters. Can you defeat the Demogorgon and avoid the Upside Down all while meeting up with your friends at the Starcourt Mall?

This October, Netflix is transforming downtown Los Angeles into 1985 Hawkins, Indiana, with an interactive Stranger Things “Drive-Into” experience. This immersive experience will take Stranger Things fans, in groups of 24 cars, on a one-hour-plus tour of Hawkins’ major sites. You can expect to shop at the vibrant Starcourt Mall, escape creepy Russian labs, and get lost in the Upside Down. According to the site, the experience will be an “eleven out of ten.”

"Stranger Things has always been larger than life, and we wanted to flip the world upside down for our fans," said Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences at Netflix. "So buckle up like Billy is driving, keep your eyes on the neon lights, and steer clear of the shadows because there’s no telling who or what you might come across in Downtown Los Angeles this October. Whatever you do, don’t get out of your car!"

Guests will remain in their vehicles during the entire experience, creating a safe and socially distant environment. Therefore, cast and crew will direct drivers to stops along the Hawkins journey where scenes will play out right in front of the hood of their car. These scenes will feature some of your favorite characters as they retell the Stranger Things story with special effects and performances.

The “drive-into” experience will be a teaser for things to come. Stranger Things was only one month into production when coronavirus delayed filming back in March. While there is little information about the upcoming fourth season, we can expect lots of surprises as we watch Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper return from the dead.

As we wait for the next season, “Stranger Things: The Drive-In Experience” will help us all remember why we fell in love with the show. Tickets for the event will go on sale on August 26, but you can get on the waiting list now by visiting the attraction's website. Tickets will cost $59 per car, and the experience will open in October.

According to Eleven, “Friends don’t lie” and we won’t lie to you—we’re so excited for this drive-in! Hit up the comments and let us know if you are, too!