Visitors are in for a treat thanks to two cute little forest antelopes!

Adorbs alert! In addition to opening its doors to welcome visitors in the last month, the zoo also welcomed some adorable little creatures in the last month!

Carrot, two weeks old, and Fennel, a month old, have joined the bongo herd at the Zoo. 

"We have not one, but two, new Zoo babies for you all to meet! Introducing Carrot—two weeks old and daughter to Columbine and Howard—and Fennel one month old and daughter to Fern and Howard. These two bongo babies join a full herd, including Calvin who is brother to Carrot and half-brother to Fennel!"

Howard in the herd sire, so he is both babies' dad. 

Eastern bongos are the largest of the forest antelope. Once full-grown, they can stand between 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall at the shoulder and 7 to 10 feet long. All that size also calculates to a weight between 460 and 900 pounds. 

One major identifying feature is their horns, which can grow to a whopping 2.5-feet long! Because of the size, they run with their head up with those massive horns lying along their back so they don't catch on anything like branches. 

According to the zoo, bongos are mainly nocturnal animals, but also graze during the morning and evening, so you might have your best chance to seeing the two little ones and their herd when the zoo first opens and around dusk. To see these little guys and their family, guests say they are a bit of a hidden treasure. According to comments on the zoo's Facebook page, while you are taking the loop around the zoo after you pass through the Toyota Elephant Passage and walk under the bridge, take the branch-off path on the left until you reach a small viewing area where you can see the bongos.

Have you seen these little cuties yet? Let us know in the comments!