Get a great workout while also helping contribute to breast cancer research! After that, you can relax with a free beer at Dry Dock Brewing South.

Charity, beer, workouts, and prizes. Everyone is a winner at this Brewery Boot Camp for Breast Cancer Event. For the third year in a row, the event will take place at the well-known Dry Dock Brewing South location in Aurora on Saturday, September 28.

The workout features creatively designed exercises using kettlebells, kegs, battle ropes, agility ladders, and medicine balls. Each station is a timed workout with no minimum expected repetitions. This means everyone can go at their own pace based on their fitness level.

The circuit of exercises is designed by certified trainers Paul and Lindsay Chavez, who are also the owners of Brewery Boot Camp. They really emphasize that the workouts are built for people of all shapes and sizes, and every trainer can provide modifications on demand to workouts in order to accommodate attendees with prior or existing injuries. There are expected to be 15 to 20 certified trainers to assist, with attendees being broken up into groups and then rotating through a variety of different stations.

The registration fee of $35 covers the hour-long workout, a free beer, and a t-shirt. Vendors will also have tables set up for giveaways and sign-ups. There will even be a DJ!

Last year, there were more than 170 attendees who survived the creatively designed circuit workout and they're hoping to see that number increase this year.

Proceeds will be donated to Drink for Pink, a non-profit organization that believes "the cure that ends cancer for good is going to come from the lab". The company focuses on fundraising by hosting social events in conjunction with local business owners.

Drink for Pink understands that skepticism goes hand-in-hand with non-profits lately. That is why they fully disclose where all their money is going. In 2017, the organization donated $17,469.47 to breast cancer research while only spending $2,307.71 on business expenses such as marketing. Spending less than 12 percent of donations for business expenses is an impressive feat for any charitable organization.

Tell Us More About the Beer!

Dry Dock Brewing has been winning awards at the Great American Beer Festival, hosted in Denver, and the Beer World Cup for more than a decade now. They are the proud creators of one of my top five favorite beers, the Dry Dock Apricot Blonde. (I am sure most of you have seen this beer served at a multitude of bars in Denver.)

Other beers currently on tap include the Dry Dock classic IPA, a unique grapefruit IPA, and of course, a seasonal Oktoberfest.

So What is Brewery Bootcamp?

For those interested in more workout classes, Brewery Boot Camp meets every weekend at a variety of different breweries in Denver and the surrounding area. The trainers show up with various equipment and, as a frequent patron, I can attest the workouts are always great.

Each class is $10 and includes discounted beer, or sometimes even a free beer! Participating breweries include Comrade (always give a free beer with the workout), Holidaily, and Blue Moon in Rino.

What's your favorite Dry Dock Brewing Beer? Will we see you on September 28? Let us know in the comments below, and tag a friend who should join you at this event!

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