Tired of getting crumbs all over the place after eating your car? 

Dining out in a pandemic these days mostly consists of visiting a drive-thru and eating in your car. Although it’s less than optimal, eating in the car doesn’t have to be awkward and messy. Here are five genius products that will make it easier and cleaner to eat your next meal in the car. You're welcome.



Courtesy AutoAprons, starting at $14

The AutoApron is the perfect cover for eating in the car. The apron is specifically designed to be worn in the car, protecting you and your clothes from getting dirty. Available in adult and kids' sizes, the aprons have a velcro neck strap and can be worn under or over a seat belt. It protects against food and liquid spills, has a built-in crumb catcher, and can be thrown in the washing machine when it gets too dirty. Get one or two online at autoaprons.com.

Auto Tray

Auto Tray

Courtesy Amazon

One of the biggest dilemmas when eating in the car is where to put your food. This convenient tray can hang on the steering wheel or on a seat back, providing a place to put your meals and drinks. With a maximum weight of 17 pounds, it can hold almost everything, including your laptop or iPad if you need to work in the car! It's $27.99 at Amazon.com.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

waterproof picnic blanket

Courtesy Picnic at Ascot

If you have an SUV or minivan, maybe you’ve thought about setting up a little picnic in the back. Keep your car spill- and crumb-free by using a waterproof picnic blanket. Picnic at Ascot’s indoor/outdoor picnic blanket has a waterproof backing that can be used in your car, at a park, or at the beach, protecting you from sand and wet grass. It measures 60 by 80 inches and has a shoulder strap for easy transport. Find it for $27.50 at Amazon.com.

Auto Trash Bin

UpAuto Trash Can

UpAuto Trash Can, courtesy of Amazon

Once you’re finished eating, you’re going to need to get rid of your trash. If you’re not still outside the restaurant, you’ll have to take it with you. This two-gallon reusable fabric trash can has a hole at the top to prevent things from falling out, and it can be attached to a seat back or console. It’s made with waterproof material and has pockets on the side that can hold wipes or hand sanitizer. Get it for $12.87 at Amazon.com.

Sustainable Silverware

bamboo cutlery

Courtesy World Centric

Did the restaurant forget the silverware? Or is the plastic they supplied too flimsy to actually eat a meal with? Store a set of this earth-friendly bamboo cutlery in the car for emergencies. World Centric’s bamboo silverware is made from non-GMO plant resin and is 100-percent compostable. Each 24-piece box comes with forks, spoons, and knives. Get a pack at Target for just $2.99.

What do you think? Do you have a gadget that helps eating in the car become a stress-free, mess-free experience? We'd love to hear about it! Leave us a comment!