As they say, "if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait five minutes."

On top of constantly changing weather, Colorado locals now have to worry about frozen golf ball-sized hail falling from the sky at any time. Yes, hail storms are on the horizon and the last thing anyone wants is to deal with car damage and the exuberant cost of fixing it.

It's important to always be prepared. Here are some helpful tips on how to protect your car during hail storms.

Rent a garage or carport

It goes without saying, but the easiest way to avoid hail damage is to rent a garage at your place of residence. If you know hail season is coming, reserve your garage spot in advance. That way, at least in the long hours that you are at home, you will rest assured that your car is safe.

Keep thick blankets in the car

It’s not as easy to plan when you are out and about. That’s why it’s always best to keep some type of protection in the car. Leaving some thick blankets in the trunk will help you in a sudden hail storm situation. It might not be as safe as a garage, but it will soften the impact and protect your windshield.

Find covered parking near work

Try and find any multi-level parking lots near your office or any type of covered parking. Even if it means you have to walk a bit more to work or pay the extra money, it won’t compare to the thousands of dollars you will probably have to fork over if your car gets dented.

Stay updated with weather changes

Make sure to stay up to date with weather channels and your weather app during the next few months. Enable notifications that indicate if a rainstorm is coming and stay alert.

Invest in a car cover

If finding shelter is not an option at home or at work, the next best thing would be purchasing a weatherproof car cover. The prices range from $50 to $500, but depending on what you are aiming for, car covers can significantly protect your vehicle from hail damage.

Get creative, use floor mats

If the biblical weather found you unprepared, the least you can do is protect your windshield. Using your car floor mats to protect the glass might not save your car from looking like a golf ball, but at least you won’t have cracked windshields.

Don’t skimp on car insurance

It’s bad enough if a hail storm damages your car. It’s worse if you have to pay for the damage repair out of pocket. Take a second look at your car insurance policy and make sure it covers hail damage as well. In some insurances, comprehensive insurance might not mean all-encompassing insurance. Make sure your car insurance has specific coverage to pay for damage expenses caused by weather or fire.

Any other hail damage tips we missed on our list? Sound off in the comments below.