The proposed 75-foot tower and showroom would stand at a facility off of I-25 and Evans.

You've seen the commercials, but now you could be seeing more Carvana cars on Denver streets.

A proposal to build a Carvana facility in Denver was submitted last week, reports say. The early-stage development proposal indicates that the Carvana facility will have a single-story office and showroom building, with a 75-foot tower that displays the cars (a car vending machine!), at 4700 E. Evans Ave., right off of I-25.

While Carvana does offer delivery services to Denver customers, the closest facilities are in Oklahoma City and Kansas City—24 facilities exist across the country.

carvana facility denver
Map of the proposed Carvana facility location in Denver, off of Evans Ave. and I-25.

The area where the potential facility could be built is undeveloped and currently owned by Greenbox IV LLC, which bought the parcel in 2015 for $1.95 million.

According to the Denver Business Journal, Carvana has not commented on the potential Denver-based facility.

What do you think about Carvana possibly opening a new showroom and car vending machine facility here in Denver? Have you used Carvana before? Let us know in the comments below.