"I've been everywhere, man." –Johnny Cash

We had the opportunity to meet up with Kelly Lund and talk to him about his 2017 Toyota 4Runner. If you live in the whimsical world of Instagram, there's a good chance you've also met his companion, Loki. The duo has grown quite the following over the years as they've traveled back roads all over the Western United States, telling their stories through majestic and picturesque photos.

Through the years, they also added two members to their wolfpack, Ally Coucke and her companion Bailey. In an ever-expanding world of concrete and skyscrapers, Kelly, Ally, and their crew have carved out a life for themselves mostly outside the hustle and bustle of the big city, and out on the backroads of America's wide-open West. 


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They've got a few camping rigs they use for their travels, but their go-to, as of now, is a 2017 Toyota 4Runner. Kelly has already racked up 100,000 miles on the rig in the few years that he's owned it. It's undergone quite a few modifications to make it even more capable off-road and a home-away-from-home for the crew.

The 4Runner itself is bulletproof, staying true to Toyota's hallmark of reliability. 


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As the expedition and overlanding trend continues to grow, more gear and innovations hit the market. It can be tough knowing which brands to trust, and the last thing you want while off the grid are parts and gear failing. Kelly sheds some light on that by highlighting gear on his 4Runner that's worked well for him and all the miles he's covered the last few years.

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