Admit it, you dreamed of owning a Hummer as a kid.

When I was a kid growing up in West Texas, the Scholastic Bookfair came to my elementary school every year. To be honest, I wasn't much of a reader, I just wanted to play sports and collect model cars. But the bookfair did have a nice selection of posters you could put on your wall. I bought one in particular that I hung front and center above my bed, and still have it sitting in a storage locker. It was the massive front grille of a Hummer, and it looked exactly like this:


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Produced for civilian use from 1992-2006, these rigs have deep military roots. The Hummer H1 has always fascinated me. They're massive, they look like they can either drive up or through a brick wall, and they're getting increasingly rare.

So, when I came across Grant's H1, better known by his Instagram handle, @bison_beard, I had to get him on for an interview and walk around. I knew Hummers were rare, but Grant's particular Hummer is just one of about 40 made for civilian use. The "Slant Back," as they call it, was originally intended for military use and strategically designed with a slant so the military could mount a rocket launcher to the center roof and leave room for exhaust burn off out the back. 


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Grant is a great dude, a successful entrepreneur by trade, and an H1 enthusiast at heart. He spent years looking for this particular Slant Back spec. He keeps this Hummer in great shape, but he also gets out and enjoys it, taking it on some of Moab's toughest trails. Grant even let us onto his property, nestled below the flatirons outside of Boulder, Colorado, to provide an incredible background for this shoot with him and his Hummer.

You can check out the full video below and get to know Gran and his H1 better. For more off-road and off-grid rigs like these, follow us on @ocn_rigs, and check out our YouTube playlist