Not for the faint of heart.

From the bone-breaking 70s heyday of Evel Knieval to the bone-breaking RedBull stunts of the 2010s, there's something incredible about watching death-defying motorcycle stunts. Buckle up your helmets and dust off your DVD of the movie Hot Rod, because we're looking at the five craziest stunts ever attempted, such as:

Jumping Onto the Las Vegas Arc De Triomphe

You'll hear the name Robbie Maddison a bunch in this article, and for a good reason. He's one of those riders where the phrase "made history" pops up every couple weeks because he's constantly finding new, imaginative ways to almost dying horribly while atop a moving vehicle.

On New Year's Eve 2008, he used a motorcycle to both jump on and off of the Arc De Triomphe in Las Vegas. The spookiest part isn't watching him get up there, it's watching him come back down. 

Jumping the San Diego Bay

Here's a fun stunt idea: jump 370 feet over freezing water in a snowmobile onto a landing ramp that it's too foggy to see. You might find yourself asking questions like "Aren't you supposed to see the landing ramp?" and "Aren't snowmobiles just for snow?" or "Why?!"

The answer to all these questions is: yes. 

Despite all of the questionable ideas listed above, this is exactly what Robbie Maddison and Levi LaVallee did on New Year's Eve 2011. Maddison rode a motorbike where LeVallee managed to clear it on a snowmobile, getting an incredible 412 feet of distance in. 

Avenging Evel Knieval's Fountain Jump

The 150-foot jump over the fountains at Ceaser's Palace is considered to be the stunt that put him on the map. It also put him on some Las Vegas pavement, the hospital, and a brief coma. 

Since then, several other stuntmen (including his son, Robbie Knieval) have succeeded where Knievel failed. Chief among those is Travis Pastrana's 2018 jump where he warmed up by jumping rows of busses and cars first. 

Surfing. Yes, surfing. 

Surfing. On a motorcycle. 

Robbie Maddison (surprise!) seemingly ran out of land surfaces to drive a motorcycle on and switched to the other 71 percent of the planet's surface. To accomplish this, he used a modified dirt bike that's mounted on water skis and features mini paddle knobs on the back tire. As if riding a bike on a tidal wave wasn't enough of an accomplishment on its own, the stung also broke three world records for Longest Ever Motorcycle Ride-on Water, Fastest Ever Speed for a Waterbike, and Longest Jump From Land to Water.

Flying a Plane Under a Tightrope Walker While a Motorbike Jumps Over It

This stunt has it all. Literally. If you need a visual representation of what goes on inside a teenager's head when he chugs a 7-11 Big Gulp of 5 Hour Energy, it's this. 

You need to watch the video to properly appreciate the insanity of this stunt, and it's mind-boggling to think about the timing required to make it happen. It's one thing for a lone stuntman to risk injury for a stunt, it's another for a trio of them to workshop some entirely undiscovered potential injuries like this. 

Do you know any other insane motorcycle stunts? Have you done any secretly insane motorcycle stunts? Let us know in the comments below!