Winter Is Coming. 

Granted, winter might not be here for a few months, but it's coming all the same. As you wrap up your last summer road trips, consider committing to an end-of-summer deep clean for your car. Any summer adventure is going to come with plenty of chances to dirty it up, and it makes a lot of sense to address that before the (hopefully) temperate Colorado autumn rolls around. To that end, here are three bigs things to consider for your end-of-summer clean! 

Give Allergens and Pollen an Eviction Notice

Raise your hand if you find yourself sneezing when you get behind the wheel of your car. Before you start freaking out about being allergic to car seats or air freshener trees, consider that you may be experiencing a buildup of pollen in your cabin. As you drive around during the spring, plant particulates and different types of pollen can start to accumulate on your seats, carpets, and vents.

Not only can this pollen trigger hay fever (and all-around unpleasant allergy symptoms), but it can also mess with your vehicle's systems if it's left to accumulate. The dusty components in pollen can actually oxidize the paint on the outside of your car, damaging its finish. Additionally, it can easily stain carpet and upholstery if left to accumulate for long enough. When you take your car to get washed, make sure to spring for a full-service car wash that vacuums interiors—it's the easiest way to make sure that you're getting ALL the pollen out. 

Get Those Summer Stains Out

We get it—plenty of messy stuff can end up in the backseat of your car during your summertime adventures. From muddy shoes to muddy kids, there's never a shortage of opportunities to rack up stains when you're out in the sun. Even if you're trying to be proactive in keeping messy stuff off the seats, it can still be easy for dirt to pile up when you throw stuff like hiking boots, bathing suits, or sports equipment into the back. No judgment here. After all, racking up a bit of dirt is like a rite of passage for summer adventures. 

You definitely want to get those stains taken care of before winter rolls around, however. There are a couple of options for doing so: choose to do it yourself by grabbing some stain cleaner from the auto shop or pay the professionals. This is one area where we recommend going pro—a full-service car wash will be able to get out stains and rejuvenate your upholstery for less money than a high-grade stain remover will cost you at the store. 

This Is a Great Chance to Create Some New-Car Appeal—And Get Your Car Ready for Passengers! 

If your autumn driving forecast involves carpooling, then this is a good time to make sure your car is dressed to impress. While you might be instinctively groaning at the prospect of paying to have extra "work" done on your car—especially if it's just to keep up with the Joneses—you can actually get a considerable amount of top-notch detail work done without ever having to visit a full garage! As we've mentioned before, the key is to look out for a full-service car wash; instead of simply running you through a tunnel (like a gas station wash), they'll come with options for getting your car professionally detailed. 

A good detailing session will wash, polish, and degrease the outside of your car in order to remove particulates, scuff, and blemishes. Most detailing services will also shampoo clean a car's interior to restore that fresh, just-off-the-dealership look for your carpets and seats. Forget just leaving with a clean car, opting for detailing will mean that your car looks brand new. If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to start the school year off by making good impressions, consider having your car detailed. 

What are some of your favorite lifehacks for cleaning out your car? Sound off the in the comments.