If you're bored while waiting for your flight, why not use the spare time to work out?

Now, I know a majority of us would much rather spend our time reading or catching up on the latest show on Netflix before a flight. I'm not a fan of flying, like at all, so watching an enjoyable TV show or movie is one way that I am able to relax and get my anxiety levels down. Plus, it's a great way to kill some time. But thanks to Colorado author Ken Seifert and his new book, I'm now considering turning to exercise to help pass the time (and maybe even calm my nerves).

In his book, "The Complete Guide to Airport Exercise," Seifert details various workouts that'll turn any airport into your own personal gym. Turn that uncomfortable gate chair into the ultimate workout tool—use it for tricep dips, stomach crunches, and even pushups. Or maybe run a few laps around the terminal. There's really no limit to what exercises you can do.

Below is an excerpt taken directly from his book (courtesy of Colorado Public Radio):

"Perhaps the most popular exercise using airport chairs is the seated triceps dips. You start by placing your arms straight with your palms flat against the edge of your seat. Meanwhile, you extend your legs straight in front of you to allow your body to get a good range of motion as you dip downwards and upwards, working your triceps. The triceps are the biggest muscles in your arms and look significantly more toned when regularly exercised."

Are you going to try working out the next time you're at DIA? Have you read Seifert's book? If so, did you find the exercises relatively easy to do? Also, how do you like to spend your free time before a flight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Safe travels!