Pop Culture Classroom is giving away free graphic novels this Friday.

Pop Culture Classroom (PPC), a Denver-based non-profit that offers pop culture-based educational programs for youth and the organization behind the annual Denver Pop Culture Con, recognizes that people of all ages may be getting stir-crazy and are in need of some new reading material. So, the non-profit is going to be handing out free graphic novels this Friday, April 17.

The giveaway will be pre-filled “blind bags”, according to age group, and handed out to those who signed up—each bag will contain 3-4 graphic novels. Below are the age groups:

  • Children (Grades K-3)
  • Middle Grade (Grades 3-6)
  • Young Adult (Grades 6-12)
  • Adult (Ages 17+)

It's also asked of participants to simply pick up your bags and head home, saving the exploration of what's inside for later. No trading allowed; one sign-up, one age group per family allowed.

Bags will be waiting outside Pop Culture Classroom's office at 2760 W 5th Ave., at the designated pick-up time. Participants are asked to arrive at their scheduled time and wait for anyone ahead of them to finish their pickup prior to approaching the bags. Bags will have participants' names on them.

This week’s date has already been filled up, but don’t be sad, this won't be the only giveaway. PPC says they'll be setting these up regularly, as long as supplies last.

Email [email protected] and/or keep an eye on their social media for the next giveaway date. 

We love the idea of free graphic novels, especially ones for all ages. Not only are graphic novels a fun way to get kids excited about reading, but they often have some fabulous surprises in them! PPC points out all bags are packed according to publisher age recommendation, but parents should look through books first to make sure they approve the content. 

This is another great way we have seen local companies and organizations give back to the people of Colorado. Reading is good for the soul and can bring a much-needed break in all the noise, especially in times like we are in now. 

Had you heard about this giveaway? Do you know of any others we can share? Give us the scoop in the comments.