Spring is a great time for fresh starts, and some of the best inspiration to begin anew lies in books. There are so many great motivational reads out there, but how do you parse out what’s helpful and what will work for you?

Here are three more books (see original list here) to add to your inspirational reading list.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

It’s great to have some big picture ideas, and there are tons of books that can provide that for you, but there’s something to be said about having actual, real-life tools to start changing your life. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is an excellent step-by-step guide on how to tidy and organize your home once and for all. And the best part is that it’s so much more than that. Marie Kondo argues that by getting your home in order, your life can't help but to follow suit. Her method lies in the simple technique of discarding anything that no longer brings you joy. By keeping only what you love in the space you live, you’re surrounded only by those possessions that make you happy. And wouldn’t that spark action in doing and being around people that bring you joy and love? The book is easy to digest. Kondo breaks down her method into easy bite-sized pieces -- from which category you should start organizing first, to a step-by-step guide on where to place the pieces you’ve decided to keep. After you’re done with her process you’ll feel like you’ve not only decluttered your home, but also your life. You can purchase The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up here.


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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I’m sure at some point we’ve all heard of The Secret. We’ve also all probably heard of the secret that the book talks about in one way or another, but maybe we haven’t had the opportunity to really immerse ourselves in it. If you’re looking to make some serious changes in your life, and you need some deep, internal motivation to do so, this is the read for you. Our thoughts are a direct reflection of our lives, and this book is the most famous piece of this belief and movement. In order to manifest the life that we want, we must first believe we can have it -- and then mesh our thoughts with our actions. Rhonda Byrne writes in an inspiring tone that will provide you with the advice you need to start thinking differently. She talks "big picture," while also weaving in practical steps you can start implementing this very moment. You can buy a copy of The Secret here.


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Love, Style, Life by Garance Doré

Love, Style, Life is a lighthearted account on the best things in life from a blogger who has seen and done it all. It also doubles as very pretty coffee book. Garance Doré writes about the journey life has taken her on, and provides insights about the lessons she’s learned in her style, her career, her love life, and learning to be happy. If you’re the kind of person that draws inspiration from hearing other people’s stories, this one is for you. It also helps if you love fashion, cities, and the idea of creating something that’s entirely your own. In this book you’ll find tidbits on how to dress for yourself, how to build your career, and how to come to peace with the person you’re becoming. To buy Love, Style, Life follow this link.


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You can buy all these books on Amazon at the links provided, or if you prefer to go to an actual bookstore, check out these staples in the Washington, D.C., area. Have you read any of these books, or the ones on this list? What books inspire and motivate you to make changes in your life? Recommend your favorite read in the comments below! This article was originally written by mberman for Our Community Now at D.C.

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