The Cheyenne Mountain is expecting another baby. This time, it's an orangutan!

In mid-February, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo announced the pregnancies of two different giraffes. And on February 28, the zoo shared on its Facebook page (below) that they're expecting another birth this spring! Only this time, it isn't another giraffe ... it's an orangutan named Sumagu. Sumagu and the father, Baka, are expected to have the little one in late May or early June.
Born and raised at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Sumagu has two other offspring with Baka -- Makan (born January 2003) and Godek (born February 2009). And officials at the zoo are hopeful that since Baka had "great fatherly instinct" with Makan and Godek, that he'll be the same way with the new baby. But, just in case, he will be separated from mom and baby for a little bit. "In the wild, orangutan fathers do no usually participate in raising offspring, but tend to do well in zoos here there isn't competition for food and mates," said Eleanor Knox, senior animal keeper in Primate World, in a statement. Guests can visit Primate World during the daily animal keeper talks at 11 a.m. for a chance to see ultrasounds and other check-ups for Sumagu. There will also be enrichment demonstrations at 2:30 p.m. every day. Stay up-to-date on the pregnancy on Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Facebook page.

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