Sometimes You Just Need a Break

It's the middle of summer and we've already had a few exceptionally hot days. So hot, that you feel bad for wanting to stay indoors instead of getting out there and doing something with the kids. The good news is, if you live in the Springs, or are willing to drive there, there's plenty to do to get them off their devices and stay cool.

Overdrive Raceway

At Overdrive, there are two levels of air-conditioned go-karting bliss. All ages are welcome and all abilities can participate -- even the mobility impaired. Owner Jim Mundle is a double amputee himself so he made a special investment in hand-controlled karts to give the mobility impaired a chance to race.

Cave of the Winds

A Colorado classic, the Cave of the Winds takes you deep into the side of a mountain making for a cool, educational, and fun summertime adventure. If you haven't been since you were a kid, it's worth a trip back! In addition to the caves, COTW now features a whole host of thrills like the Bat-a-Pult.

Manitou Springs Penny Arcade

Regular trips to the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade should be made anyway! It's exactly what it sounds like! Challenge your kids to the games you used to play when you would go.

Skate City

Here's a classic one to get them up and moving. Don't have skates? No problem, they've got rentals. Be sure to check their website for public skating times. Best of all, it's only $5.50 for two hours worth of skating! And as always, you could go see a movie, go bowling, go to the pool, or hit up your favorite museum. What are your thoughts? Do you have any recommendations for a hot or rainy day? If so, let us know in the comments below! Featured image courtesy of Cave of the Winds

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