MIAMI – A South Florida man was injured while trying to save his dog from being attacked by another dog.

The entire incident was captured on camera.

The dog owner was bitten and ended up having to get a rabies shot, but it’s his dog who could’ve been killed.

The question being asked now that it’s all over is where did the other dog’s owner go, and why did he just flee the scene?

In the video, a black dog is seen going on the attack, sparking chaos in a Miami coffee shop.

The dog locking its bite like a predator on its prey.

Zach Jefferson is seen trying to pry the canine attacker’s mouth open, to save his golden doodle.

“The dog wouldn’t let go, it attached to her like a squeaky toy,” Jefferson said. “I was punching this dog in the face and I think that’s what ended up letting the dog go.

When the smaller dog is finally freed from danger, the other dog owner just leaves the scene.

“It was so irresponsible to just walk out of there without even asking, ‘Hey, is your dog ok? Do you want me to pay for expenses,’” said Jefferson.

Luna who is a one-year-old puppy, survived the attack, but ended up with serious puncture wounds, and is now recovering.

“This could’ve been a child or a small animal,” Jefferson said.

What Jefferson still cannot fathom is how this dog owner just fled.

“Shame on you for fleeing like you did,” he said “What a coward.”

Jefferson said Luna’s vet bill was $1500.

Anyone who recognizes the black dog or its owner is urged to contact the Miami Police Department, who would like to find the man.