We went to social media to ask Ocean City-lovers what they wish tourists knew before arriving in Ocean City.

The response on Facebook was overwhelming, with a combination of helpful advice and things people get annoyed at. We had so many responses that it would be impossible to cram it all into one article. So, we are going to split the articles up. This is a comprehensive list of the 15 things Ocean City tourists should know before they make locals hate them. As always, we will hat-tip (h/t) those who gave us the suggestions for different things on the list. 1. Don't forget how to drive when you get here. You might be on vacation, but basic traffic etiquette still applies. Use your turn signal, don't cut people off, and make sure you pay attention for pedestrians and bicycles! (h/t Vicky Donoway) 2. Likewise, if you're a pedestrian, use the crosswalks! If you're going to ride a bike during your visit, remember everything you learned all those years ago during driver's ed and share the road -- not the sidewalk -- with other motor-vehicles. (h/t Kathy Walsh) 3. Remember that not all the people in town on a given weekend are Ocean City tourists. Just because you're on vacation, that doesn't mean everyone else is. If you rent a condo or house, remember that your neighbors likely aren't on vacation and need to get up early the next morning for work. 4. Pick up your trash. This is a pretty simple one, but the street, beach and ocean are not there to serve as your own personal trash can and no one wants to pick up after you. If you wouldn't just toss it in your backyard, don't toss it in Ocean City residents backyard.
5. Do not feed the seagulls. Sure, it might seem cute during your weekend getaway, but guess who has to deal with all of the seagulls begging for food once you leave... (h/t Michelle Walsh) 6. The same goes for the Assateague wild ponies. Don't feed them. The more they are taught to look to humans (and cars) as a food source, the more tragic car accidents we will see. (h/t Jen Backof) 7. If you're going to rent a boat or jet ski, pay attention to the no wake signs in the bay. Homeowners are responsible for replacing the bulkhead on their property and there are pretty hefty fines for anyone caught speeding through a no wake zone. 8. Then there's this nugget of advice which, honestly, speaks for itself: Ocean City Tourists 9. To piggyback on number eight, remember that Ocean City is still a family resort town. Go to Seacrets if you wanna have a good time, but don't let your antics spill onto the beach at mid-day. If you wouldn't want your kids to see it, there's a pretty good chance that other parents feel the same way... 10. Only smoke in designated areas. Don't smoke on the boardwalk or on the beach surrounded by other people. And when you're finished smoking, remember that the beach is not your ashtray. 11. Colleen Crocker advises that Ocean City tourists "don't get drunk and naked and crap in the parking lot." She is referring to this pretty high-profile case from Ocean City this past year of a man who passed out in a parking lot covered in feces... 12. While this one is strangely specific, Nancy DiCarlo wants to make sure tourists know they're not allowed to "pee in any elevator." For that matter, how about we just say tourists should only go to the bathroom inside the bathroom? 13. This one might be too soon... Ocean City Tourists 14. Pay attention to the speed limits. Don't go through town at 50 miles per hour but also don't drive 10 or 15 miles per hour under just so you can people-watch. 15. And to sum it all up: "Don't be a jerk!" (h/t Claudia Borsella) Well, we tried to sum up all of the responses we got, but we may have missed a few suggestions. What do you think we should add? Let us know in the comment section below!

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